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Jab Kehu Dil Me Sama Jala Movie Review: A Heartwarming Tale of Love and Struggle

Jab Kehu Dil Me Sama Jala Movie Download: A Guide for Bhojpuri Cinema Fans

If you are a fan of Bhojpuri cinema, you might have heard of jab kehu dil me sama jala, a 2010 romantic drama film starring Pawan Singh and Rani Chatterjee. The movie was directed by Kishor Rana and produced by Nandu Sriwastav and Anuradha Sriwastav under the banner of Rishi International Production. The movie was a hit at the box office and received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. In this article, we will tell you more about the movie, its plot, cast, reviews, ratings, and how to download it online.

jab kehu dil me sama jala movie download

What is jab kehu dil me sama jala movie?

Jab kehu dil me sama jala is a Bhojpuri language movie that was released on October 6, 2010. The movie belongs to the genre of romance and drama, and revolves around the love story of two young people from different backgrounds. The movie has a runtime of 150 minutes and features some melodious songs composed by Madhukar Anand and sung by Pawan Singh. The movie was shot in various locations in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

What is the plot summary of jab kehu dil me sama jala movie?

The movie tells the story of Raju (Pawan Singh), a poor but honest auto-rickshaw driver who falls in love with Priya (Rani Chatterjee), a rich girl who comes to his village for a vacation. Priya also likes Raju, but her father (Kunal Singh) is against their relationship. He wants Priya to marry Vikram (Deepak Sinha), a wealthy businessman who is also his friend's son. Raju and Priya elope, but Vikram follows them and tries to separate them by force. He hires some goons to kidnap Priya and kill Raju. Will Raju be able to save Priya from Vikram's clutches? Will Priya's father accept their love? Will they live happily ever after? Watch the movie to find out.

Who are the cast and crew of jab kehu dil me sama jala movie?

The movie features some popular actors and actresses of Bhojpuri cinema. Here are their names and roles:


Pawan SinghRaju

Rani ChatterjeePriya

Kunal SinghPriya's father

Deepak SinhaVikram

Maya YadavPriya's mother

Prakash JaisRaju's friend

Dev SinghVikram's henchman

Kishor RanaDirector

Nandu Sriwastav and Anuradha SriwastavProducers

Madhukar AnandMusic director

Vinay Bihari and Ritesh SinghLyricists

Rakesh Tripathi b70169992d


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