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Motorcycle Parts

Euro Moto Electrics (EME) is your BMW Motorcycle parts source for all BMW models. We specialize in Charging, Ignition and Starter solutions supported by a full line of Brake, Clutch, Fuel, Filtration and Electrical products. We take great pride in our offerings and believe you will be thrilled with our world class customer service. Our expanding inventory of products IN STOCK ensures we have your parts when you need them most! Let us know if we can better serve your needs as YOU are the primary focus at EME.

motorcycle parts

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We are also a cooperative DIY motorcycle workshop located in Houston, Texas with the goal of growing the motorcycle community locally and globally. We are continuously looking for new sources for Honda motorcycle replacement parts.

Of course we don't only sell parts for the BMW R- or Boxer bikes. We also cater for the K-bikes from the K1200LT and K1200RS to the current K1200 and K1300 models, as well as for the F-bikes from the F650GS to the F800GS, F800R, F800S and F800ST and, naturally for the G-bikes like the BMW G650X Challenge.

Every rider has their own driving style and requires the right tire type to match their needs. For those who love long rides, we have touring motorcycle tires that are built for long life and provide excellent stability and traction. For daredevils who are into speed, we carry sport bike tires that are ready to handle high speeds and hold the motorcycle to the pavement. If leaving other racers in the dust is about your style, dirt bike tires are what you need. They are built to go over the hardest of terrains and ensure great traction.

Our buyers guides give you a starting point to find out more about the different exhausts, seats, and other Triumph motorcycle parts we carry. Learn more about what each type of modification can bring to your riding experience.

To make it easy to find all the Triumph motorcycle parts you need, you can shop by model to make finding the right parts for your bike simple. We've sorted compatible parts based on what we've installed ourselves and tested in the field.

Years of trying different parts and modifications on various bikes have accumulated us a wealth of information and knowledge to support you as you make your bike your own. Head to our Shop Notes on our blog to find everything from fitment notes, Triumph model updates, or our tuning guide.

Selling used motorcycle parts makes sense if you are a motorcycle enthusiast who has their own bike or bikes. Or you may know a lot of bikers and belong to a motorcycle community, which gives you access to a lot of used parts that you can sell.

Selling OEM parts makes sense if you want to cater to a market that prefers to only buy all-original and brand-new parts made by the bike manufacturer. And if your market is motorcycle owners who like to customize their bikes, you should focus more on aftermarket motorcycle parts.

Once you have determined what you are selling, you need to decide where you will sell from. Will you be selling your bike parts from a brick and mortar shop where you will welcome customers? Will you have your own warehouse where you will stock your inventory? Or do you intend to get your products from the supplier as orders come in? Do you plan on listing your bike parts on an ecommerce website for buying and selling? Will you create a website and also sell on popular platforms like eBay, Amazon, Walmart, or AutoZone? What method of payment will you prefer? Credit card or cash?

To survive in the motorcycle parts industry, you must identify a need and fill it. This means differentiating yourself from the competition. But before you can do that, you need to know what the competition is doing so you can do it better.

Specifying your motorcycle parts with fitment data, also known as compatibility, allows prospective buyers to discover other parts and accessories that fit their bikes. It also gives them confidence to buy the part and worry less about technical issues.

Unlike buying the actual motorcycle, where serious buyers take the precautionary step of meeting the previous owners and test driving before they decide, buying a part for their bike online means waiting until the part arrives to install it. And only when they take their motorcycle for a test ride can they determine the quality and performance of the part.

You can find fitment data from the Auto Care Association, a 50-state network composed of over 500,000 independent manufacturers, distributors, retailers, etc. The association created ACES (Aftermarket Catalog Exchange Standard), the data standard for mapping, managing, and exchanging automotive catalog applications. The standard includes fitment, or year/make/model, and other qualifier statements for automotive, including motorcycles. The ACES file can be used by purchasing a subscription from the association.

Because the motorcycle parts industry can be highly competitive, prepare to do your motorcycle sales research. Understanding the demands of your target market and what seals the deal is key. Decide what types of products and sales channels you will focus on. Finally, before you are ready to sell, you must be prepared to provide clear and complete fitment data, which will not only enhance the customer experience but also increase your visibility.

We have one of the world's largest inventory of Buell parts in stock. If you don't see what you're looking for, please contact us and we'll be happy to help you out.

Since 1985, Accutronix has manufactured the highest quality motorcycle products on the market, at a competitive price. We are highly committed to deliver high-end quality craftsmanship and unique items that fit easily on stock motorcycles and new models.

We firmly believe that owning a vintage British motorcycle should be affordable for all walks of life which is exactly why we offer a large range of vintage Triumph parts, BSA and Norton Commando parts all at everyday low prices.

Whether you need replacement parts, or you're looking to customize your motorcycle, Apple State Harley-Davidson is proud to carry a wide selection of motorcycle parts and accessories so you can maintain your vehicle and make it your own. If we don't have the Harley-Davidson part in stock, we're happy to order it for you in the Yakima and Tri-Cities, WA area.

Our knowledgeable parts staff are ready to help you find the right motorcycle accessories and parts to keep your Harley-Davidson motorcycle running in optimal condition. If you need help with repairs or installations, check out our Service Department.

Since September 2006, CARB initiated a series of meetings with the motorcycle industry to discuss ways to comply with applicable California regulations. At these meetings, many questions were asked pertaining to the sale and installation of aftermarket motorcycle parts in California. The following are answers to some of the commonly asked questions:

Vehicle Code section 27156 (VC 27156), California's anti-tampering law, prohibits the installation of any add-on or modified emission-related part on any pollution-controlled motorcycles, unless the part has been exempted by CARB. CARB exempts a motorcycle part from the prohibition of VC 27156 if the part is found to do either of the following: 1) not reduce the effectiveness of any required emission control device on the motorcycle or 2) demonstrate that the applicable emission standards are being met when the part(s) are installed on the motorcycle.

Motorcycles which are manufactured for on-road use have been pollution controlled since the 1979 model year. Starting the 1979 model year, add-on and modified parts for on-road motorcycles have been required to receive an anti-tampering exemption. Likewise, motorcycles which are manufactured for off-road use have been pollution controlled since 1997 model year and are subject to the prohibitions in VC 27156.

VC 27156 only applies to emission-related add-on and modified parts. These are parts that are not functionally identical to an original part on the motorcycle. Some examples are fuel injection systems, re-jetting of carburetors, aftermarket catalytic converters, performance camshafts, and gear sprockets. Conversely, parts that serve as direct replacements to stock parts, like spark plugs, plug wires or air cleaner elements, do not need to be exempted. Manufacturers though must maintain records with specification data that confirm their replacement parts are indeed functionally identical. Note that exhaust systems (headers or mufflers) intended for installation on non-catalyst equipped motorcycles are also considered by CARB to be replacement parts provided all emission controls originally connected to the exhaust manifold are reconnected to the exhaust system and are functioning properly.

Non-emission-related parts are not affected by VC 27156 and do not require prior approval from CARB to be sold or installed. Examples of non-emission-related parts include storage bags / racks, mirrors, suspension components, seats, wheel rims, and decorative accessories.

Aftermarket manufacturers of add-on and modified parts applying for an exemption must submit an application form to CARB describing the part or device, and which motorcycle models that it is intended to be used.

Once a part is exempted, the manufacturer is issued an Executive Order (E.O.) which certifies that the part is now legal for sale. However, it cannot be installed on a new motorcycle until the motorcycle has been sold to an ultimate purchaser. California law requires that all new motorcycles be sold in their original, emission-certified configuration with no modifications. Failure to comply with any of the above requirements for exemption or sale of such parts can result in enforcement penalties to the aftermarket part manufacturer.

Aftermarket part manufacturers are required to provide a label to identify each exempted part sold. The label should indicate the manufacturer's name, device name and a valid E.O. number assigned by CARB. The format of the E.O. number is D-XXX-XXX, where "XXX" is a series of designated numbers. The label is either affixed directly to the part itself or included with the part with instructions to install it in a visible location. Look for this label when shopping for emission-related aftermarket motorcycle parts.The legality of a part can also be verified from CARB's website. Parts can be searched by type or by assigned E.O. number. 041b061a72


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