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What Is The Best Luxury Car To Buy =LINK=

While most midsize luxury sedans emphasize performance and handling over comfort, the Lexus ES stands out for its quiet cabin and soothing ride. Its spacious interior is constructed with attention to detail and high-quality materials throughout. And the ES typically scores at or near the top of its class in dependability. It offers a choice of two conventional engines plus a fuel-efficient hybrid model. Most versions are front-wheel drive, but there's an all-wheel-drive model for improved cold-weather traction. A new F Sport Handling package offers an adjustable suspension along with custom drive modes. Also new for 2023 is a revised driver interface that's a big improvement over previous Lexus systems. It uses a touchscreen for most of its controls and has a useful voice-control system. Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are also part of the upgrade.

what is the best luxury car to buy

The Acura TLX is the Lexus ES' closest competitor. Similar in size, configuration, and price, the TLX has a sportier personality but lacks the ES' opulent luxury. The Genesis G70 and Genesis G80 bracket the ES in size and offer similar levels of luxury. But both are on rear-wheel-drive platforms that provide sharper handling. While several midsize luxury sedans have mild-hybrid tech, the ES is the only full-on hybrid in the segment.

The Audi A3 is a couple of inches longer than its most direct competitor, the Mercedes-Benz A-Class sedan. Another luxury car of virtually the same size is the BMW 230i, but it is a two-door coupe. The Alfa Romeo Giulia and Cadillac CT4 are larger than the A3.

The 7 Series has been BMW's flagship sedan for more than 45 years, demonstrating how far performance, luxury, and technology have come with each generation. The 2023 BMW 7 Series has undergone a full redesign, with new styling, more power, and loads of new features. There's a lot to like about this new 7 Series, but there are also some items that annoy or puzzle us.

Inside, the cabin is constructed of premium materials, as we'd expect from any top-tier luxury vehicle. All-day touring comfort is all but guaranteed, thanks to great seats and plenty of passenger space. Unfortunately, the updated infotainment system can be daunting to use, and we're not fans of the new power-operated doors or the massive rear entertainment screen. Some of these new features seem like novelties that will quickly lose their appeal.

Station wagons are becoming an endangered species in the United States, but a few European manufacturers and Japan's Subaru continue to offer them. The V60's most direct competitor is the Audi A4 Allroad, whose tech specs match up closely. The V60 Cross Country and A4 Allroad are about the same length, have standard all-wheel drive, and have similar prices. The non-luxury Subaru Outback is a less-expensive alternative and has the same all-wheel-drive vibe as the V60 Cross Country. The Outback is longer and taller than the European wagons, but in base form, it isn't as powerful or sporty. 041b061a72


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