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[S3E2] Sick __TOP__

Back at the hospital, to Ann's surprise, a very sick Chris has also been admitted to the hospital with the flu. Because of his extreme health and 0% body fat, he is ravaged by the flu, which lets Ann see him in a less intimidating light.

[S3E2] Sick

Carmichael is exposed, and although he destroys his laptop, he still gets captured. Meanwhile, Ethan spots Max, unaware that Sandy spies on him eating lunch. With Carmichael in custody, Brianna videocalls Gordon, who tells her to get the truth out of Carmichael, track the IP address and find Marissa, who he wants alive. Teri asks where Carmichael is but gets told that he is sick and that she no longer reports to him.

As a troubled Pad turns to a life of crime and takes up shoplifting, eagerly abetted by Martin, Crunchie Haystacks drowns his sorrows in booze, forcing his friends to stage an intervention: "Do you think this is what Padraic had in mind when he picked you as his imaginary friend, an old wrestler in a baby grow drinking shoe sick?"

Neelix and the bridge officers lengthily and with some enthusiasm discuss how they will store and use the sirillium after they have gathered it. Once the ship arrives at its temporary destination, the anomaly (which Kim describes as a class 17 nebula) is displayed on the viewscreen but, as the crew discuss the anomaly, Tuvok seems disoriented and his hand quivers. Even though an unaware Janeway issues him an order related to the nebula, Tuvok does not respond. The bridge officers subsequently notice his behavior. He confusedly admits that he is feeling dizzy and disoriented, and his request to report to sickbay is granted. En route, Tuvok experiences a flashback of himself as a child; the boy holds the hand of a terrified girl hanging from a cliff but he is unable to hold on to her, so she plummets to her death. In a state of extreme distress, Tuvok stumbles into Voyager's sickbay, where Kes is on duty, and collapses on the floor.

Tuvok, now conscious, relates his vision of the girl hanging from the cliff. Though the episode seemed real, he does not recall it having actually happened. The Doctor offers several possible explanations, including a hallucination or repressed memory of some sort. The Doctor releases Tuvok, but first gives him a neurocortical monitor to record his brain patterns and to alert sickbay in case the symptoms recur. Tuvok approves of this "wise precaution".

In sickbay, The Doctor suggests that a mind meld between the patient and a family member to bring Tuvok's repressed memory to the conscious mind may fix the problem. Being the closest thing Tuvok has to family on Voyager, Captain Janeway agrees to a mind meld with Tuvok. However, instead of accessing the memory of the girl and the cliff, Janeway and Tuvok find themselves on the USS Excelsior eighty years in the past. The Excelsior is engaged in battle with a Klingon vessel. Captain Hikaru Sulu suddenly steps out of the dense smoke.

Tuvok lies unconscious in sickbay. The Doctor warns him that if the repressed memory keeps resurfacing, he could experience brain death from synaptic pathway degradation. As Tuvok needs to be left to rest, Janeway decides to conduct her own research.

As they clear the nebula, the "match" is ignited, disabling Kang's ship with the resulting explosion, and the Excelsior quickly resumes its course at maximum warp to Qo'noS. However, three Klingon battle cruisers intercept the Excelsior and begin firing torpedoes at it. Tuvok gets an alert and warns Valtane that his console is about to explode due to a plasma conduit rupture behind it, but Valtane tarries and doesn't leave his station in time; he takes the full force of the blast. Calling in the medical emergency to sickbay, Tuvok kneels next to Voltane, who calls Tuvok's name with his dying breath. Suddenly, the "memory" of the girl on the cliff resurfaces.

In Voyager's sickbay, Tuvok's memory engrams are destabilizing and The Doctor attempts to terminate the mind meld, but is unable to. Tuvok's brain damage is accelerating and he will be brain-dead within twenty minutes if the mind meld continues.

Leaving sickbay, Janeway asks if Excelsior managed to rescue Kirk and McCoy. Tuvok tells her that the ship was forced to abandon the rescue mission. However, like many times previously in their careers, Kirk and McCoy provided their own means of escape, and both the Excelsior and Captain Sulu and the starship Enterprise, under Captain Kirk himself, ended up playing a pivotal role in the following events at Khitomer. Janeway notes that Tuvok sounds almost nostalgic about those days. Tuvok reminds her he doesn't feel nostalgia, however as he remembers those events and meeting Kirk, McCoy, and Spock, he is glad that he was a part of them. Janeway remarks that, in a funny way, she feels like she was a part of it as well. Tuvok responds that perhaps, she can be nostalgic for both of them.

Eleven calls Mike Wheeler to tell him that he's fifteen minutes late in coming to get her, and he repeats Chief Jim Hopper's lie about his sick grandmother. However, Hopper told her that it was a false alarm and Mike's grandmother was fine. Mike tells her that the situation has changed and that his grandmother's sickness wasn't a false alarm like they thought it was. In fact, she might die. Eleven asks Mike if he's lying and Mike vehemently denies it, saying "Friend's don't lie." Hopper observes this call and is gleeful because he knows his message got through to Mike. After Eleven hangs up the phone, walks into her room and slams the door behind her, Hopper leaves and drives into town overjoyed. He turns up at Joyce Byers's work Melvald's General Store claiming he successfully talked to Mike and Eleven and convinces her to have dinner with him.

In Boston, Claudia and Steve are sitting in the auction room and are waiting for Mary Mallon's butcher knife. Steve complains that he was expecting more action and going after bad guys like what he had at the ATF. Claudia explains that they only go after artifacts, not bad guys. The bidding for the knife begins at $2000. Claudia bids first, but another woman competes with her for the knife. Steve asks Claudia why they didn't just buy the knife before the auction started, and Claudia explains they try to stay under the radar and tells Steve to try being one with the universe for a minute. Steve retorts that he can meditate for two hours, which would be more exciting than the auction. Claudia finally wins the knife at $2800 and yells out "Yes!" getting the attention of everyone in the room. As they are leaving, she gives Steve a new nickname: poopy-pants. When they return later to collect the knife, the auctioneer tells them that the knife was stolen before the auction, and that he is mortified that such a thing happened. Claudia is indignant that she loses the artifact on her first case and that now someone is out there with the power to make others sick.

Pete meets Geoffrey and his lawyer at Seattle County Correctional. When Pete asks why they think their witnesses are getting sick, the lawyer fires back, saying they've just been scared off by the prosecution, the government, and that Pete feels a need to protect the government. Pete reasons that he is neutral and that the witnesses are certainly sick. The lawyer asks Pete why the government isn't protecting Eric Bell. Geoffrey explains that Eric is his best friend and that he, Geoffrey, drove him home that night, and they they'll argue that Geoffrey drove back to the restaurant to kill the waitress since the tire tracks match his car.

Hudson's Franklin was introduced in Episode 1 as Franklin's father who had fallen severely sick. His brother Louie, informs Decourcy of his father's condition and sees him take some time off work to tend to his father in his final days. Despite his and Louie's pleas to take more treatment, Franklin says that he's at the end of his tether and would like to go out on his own terms. He eventually does so in the second episode leaving Decourcy with the regret of not having spent time with the man who had been there every step of the way with him. 041b061a72


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