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Xpert - Və bir də (Rəsmi Klip) | Boxca

Xpert - Və bir də: A Rap Song That Tells a Story of Struggle and Success

xpert ve birde boxca


If you are a fan of rap music, you might have heard of Xpert, a rapper from Azerbaijan who has been making waves in the hip-hop scene. His song Və bir də (And also) is one of his most popular and acclaimed works, with over 3 million views on YouTube. But what makes this song so special? What is the story behind it? And what can we learn from it?

Who is Xpert?

Xpert is a rap artist who was born in Baku, Azerbaijan in 1989. He started his musical career in 2006, when he joined a rap group called A-Team. He later became a member of Synaps Production, a collective of rap artists and producers. He has released several albums and singles, such as Qarantina (Quarantine), Sarışan Hallar (Yellow Cases), #Yaxşı (Good), and MALCOLM. He is known for his lyrical skills, his social commentary, and his unique style of rap.

What is the song about?

The song Və bir də is a autobiographical track that narrates Xpert's journey from poverty to fame. He raps about his childhood, his family, his struggles, his dreams, his achievements, and his gratitude. He also addresses his critics, his rivals, and his fans. He expresses his pride in his roots, his culture, and his identity. He also reflects on his role as a rap artist and a public figure.

Why is it popular?

The song is popular because it resonates with many people who can relate to Xpert's story. It also showcases his talent as a rapper, as he delivers witty, clever, and powerful lines with a smooth flow and a catchy hook. The song is also accompanied by a well-made music video that features both professional shots and archival footage. The video adds more depth and meaning to the song, as it illustrates Xpert's life and career.

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The Lyrics and Their Meaning

The lyrics of the song are in Azerbaijani, but here are some translations and explanations of some of the key verses.

Verse 1

In the first verse, Xpert raps about his childhood and how he grew up in a poor family. He mentions how he had to work hard to help his parents and how he faced many difficulties in life. He also talks about how he developed an interest in rap music and how he started writing songs.

[VERSE 1] Hara gedirəm radiolarda səsin kəsin tape'in Mən hər gün özümü soyundum və başqalarını geyindim Albom alıb heç nə görmüyən əslində bilməmişdi ki Gizlədiyim yara çoxdur və hər biri dözülmüşdü Mən uşa [VERSE 1] Wherever I go, they cut my voice on the radios and tapes I stripped myself every day and clothed others He who bought the album and saw nothing actually didn't know That I have many hidden wounds and each one was endured I was a kid who didn't have a toy, I played with stones I didn't have a bike, I ran after the buses I didn't have a book, I read the newspapers I didn't have a pen, I wrote with blood I didn't have a dream, I had a goal I didn't have a friend, I had a rap I didn't have a mic, I had a mouth I didn't have a beat, I had a heart


In the chorus, Xpert repeats the phrase Və bir də, which means "and also". He uses this phrase to list some of his achievements and successes, such as winning awards, performing on big stages, collaborating with famous artists, and earning money. He also uses this phrase to show his gratitude and humility, as he thanks God, his family, his fans, and his team.

[CHORUS] And also I won the Golden Microphone Award And also I performed at the Crystal Hall And also I collaborated with Paster and Qaraqan And also I made money from rap And also I thank God for everything And also I thank my parents for their support And also I thank my fans for their love And also I thank my team for their loyalty

Verse 2

In the second verse, Xpert raps about his critics and his rivals. He challenges them to face him and prove themselves. He also mocks them for their lack of talent, originality, and credibility. He claims that he is the best rapper in the country and that he has no competition.

[VERSE 2] Who are you? Where are you from? What do you want from me? You talk behind my back but you can't say it to my face You copy my style but you can't match my level You diss me on your songs but you can't make a hit You claim to be a rapper but you can't write a verse You pretend to be a gangster but you can't hold a gun You act like you are rich but you can't pay your rent You think you are smart but you can't spell your name You are nothing but a joke, a clown, a fraud You are not my rival, you are not my enemy You are not even worthy of my attention You are just a fly that buzzes around me I am the king of rap in this country I have no competition, I have no equal

Verse 3

In the third verse, Xpert raps about his fans and his role as a rap artist. He thanks his fans for their support and dedication. He also acknowledges his responsibility and influence as a public figure. He says that he raps not only for himself, but for his people, his culture, and his identity. He says that he wants to inspire and motivate others with his music. He also expresses his love for rap and his passion for his craft.

[VERSE 3] You are the reason why I rap, why I live, why I breathe You are the ones who listen to me, who understand me, who appreciate me You are the ones who follow me, who support me, who defend me You are the ones who love me, who respect me, who trust me You are more than fans, you are more than friends You are my family, you are my brothers and sisters You are my inspiration, you are my motivation You are my strength, you are my power I rap not only for myself, but for you too I rap not only for fun, but for a cause too I rap not only for fame, but for respect too I rap not only for money, but for pride too I rap for my people, for my culture, for my identity I rap to tell our stories, to share our pain, to celebrate our glory I rap to educate our youth, to challenge our enemies, to honor our heroes I rap because I love it, because I need it, because I feel it The Music Video and Its Symbolism

The music video of the song Və bir də is a visual representation of Xpert's life and career. It combines both professional shots and archival footage to create a contrast and a transition between his past and his present. The video also uses various symbols and elements to convey different messages and emotions.

The Archival Footage

The video begins with a black-and-white footage of Xpert as a child, playing with his friends in the streets of Baku. The footage shows the poverty and the hardship that he faced in his childhood. It also shows his passion for rap music, as he is seen holding a microphone and rapping in front of a crowd. The footage also includes clips of his early performances, his interviews, his awards, and his collaborations with other artists. The footage shows his growth and his progress as a rap artist.

The Professional Shots

The video also features professional shots of Xpert in different locations and settings. The shots show him rapping in front of a graffiti wall, a car, a building, and a stage. The shots show his confidence and his charisma as a rap artist. They also show his success and his fame, as he is surrounded by fans, cameras, and lights. The shots also include scenes of him driving a luxury car, wearing expensive clothes, and holding money. The shots show his wealth and his lifestyle as a rap artist.

The Contrast and Transition

The video alternates between the archival footage and the professional shots to create a contrast and a transition between Xpert's past and present. The contrast shows how much he has changed and how far he has come. The transition shows how he has overcome his challenges and achieved his goals. The video also uses color to emphasize the contrast and the transition. The arc


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