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How To Watch Ninja Scroll Movie With English Subtitles Online In HD Quality

HD Online Player (ninja scroll movie eng sub download)

If you are a fan of anime, especially the genre of jidaigeki-chanbara (period drama and sword fighting), you might have heard of Ninja Scroll, a 1993 Japanese animated film written and directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri. The film follows the adventures of Kibagami Jubei, a mercenary ex-ninja who battles the Eight Devils of Kimon, a team of ninjas with supernatural powers who are intent on overthrowing the Tokugawa shogunate. Along the way, he is aided by Kagero, a kunoichi (female ninja) whose body is infused with poisonous toxins, and Dakuan, an elderly but crafty government spy.

How to Watch Ninja Scroll Movie with English Subtitles Online in HD Quality


Ninja Scroll is regarded by many as one of the most influential anime films ever made. It was responsible for increasing the popularity of adult-oriented anime outside of Japan, along with Akira and Ghost in the Shell. It was also cited by The Wachowskis as an influence on the Matrix franchise, and resulted in Kawajiri later contributing to two segments of the anthology film The Animatrix.

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HD Online Player (ninja scroll movie eng sub download)

What is Ninja Scroll about?

Ninja Scroll is set in feudal Japan, during the Edo period. The film begins with a mysterious ship carrying a shipment of gold from the Yamashiro clan to the Shogun of the Dark, a rebel leader who plans to use the gold to buy advanced Spanish weaponry and overthrow the Tokugawa shogunate. The ship runs aground on Mochizuki territory, and the Eight Devils of Kimon, a group of ninjas with supernatural powers hired by the Yamashiro clan, kill the people of a nearby village to keep the gold a secret.

A team of Mochizuki ninjas, led by Kagero, is sent to investigate the massacre. They encounter the Eight Devils and are slaughtered, except for Kagero, who is captured by Tessai, a Devil who can turn his skin into stone. She is rescued by Jubei, a wandering swordsman who kills Tessai. Jubei is then approached by Dakuan, a Tokugawa spy who reveals that he has poisoned Jubei with a shikomizue (a sword hidden in a cane) and that he will only give him the antidote if he helps him stop the Shogun of the Dark and the Eight Devils. Jubei reluctantly agrees, and the trio sets off on their mission.

Along the way, they face various enemies and challenges, such as Benisato, a Devil who can control snakes; Yurimaru, a Devil who can manipulate electricity; Zakuro, a Devil who can create explosives from her blood; and Genma Himuro, the leader of the Eight Devils and Jubei's former nemesis who can regenerate from any wound. They also discover that Kagero's body is poisonous due to years of being used as a poison taster by her clan, and that she has developed feelings for Jubei. The film culminates in a final showdown between Jubei and Genma at the Shogun of the Dark's castle, where the fate of Japan hangs in the balance.

Why should you watch Ninja Scroll?

Ninja Scroll is widely considered to be one of the best anime films ever made, and for good reasons. The film boasts an engaging plot that combines historical fiction, fantasy, horror, and romance. The film also features memorable characters that have distinct personalities and abilities. The film showcases some of the most impressive animation and art direction in anime history, with fluid movements, detailed backgrounds, and vivid colors. The film also delivers some of the most exhilarating action scenes in anime history, with fast-paced sword fights, creative use of powers, and brutal violence.

Ninja Scroll is not only a great anime film, but also a great film in general. It has influenced many filmmakers and artists around the world, such as The Wachowskis, Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, and James Cameron. It has also been praised by critics and audiences alike, earning a 95% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 7.8/10 score on IMDb. Ninja Scroll is a film that deserves to be seen by anyone who appreciates cinema as an art form.

How can you watch Ninja Scroll online in HD with English subtitles?