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ASA Avengers Football Team Wins First Game of the 2018 Season

Newport, RI – The ASA Avengers football team travelled to Navy Academy Preparatory School to play against the Naval Prep football team for the second game of the 2018 football season.

The Naval Academy Midshipmen scored a field goal 6:25 into the 1st quarter. The Avengers responded with Jean Palacio scoring a 26 yard field goal to start the 2nd quarter. This was soon followed up with Running Back Mike Mitchellrushing for a 36 yard touchdown 11:06 into the 2nd. With 1:14 left in the first half, The Midshipmen scored their only touchdown of the game to tie the score at 10 apiece. With a little over a minute remaining, the Avengers managed to end the first half with Quarterback Khalid Morris rushing for a 4 yard touchdown; however the team was unable to convert the extra point.

In the third quarter, both teams went scoreless, but the passing game opened up for the Avengers in the final quarter of the game. Quarterback Khalid Morris got Roland Foiyoe for a 7 yard touchdown pass to start the 4th quarter. With 6:35 remaining, Khalid Morris again passed to Foiyoe for a 63 yard touchdown. The Avengers went for a final touchdown of the game with Running Back Christian Flowers rushing for a 70 yard touchdown. Final score, 37-10.

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