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ASA Avengers Football Team Wins 55-20 Against the NJ Warriors

Brooklyn, NY – The ASA Avengers football team plays at home in Aviator Sports Complex, Brooklyn, NY against the NJ Warriors on September 29th 2018.

In the first quarter, defensively the Avengers kept the NJ Warriors in check as they didn't have much success running the ball. Offensively, we scored on our first drive and in the second drive we had a holding call. The call hurt the Avengers but they were able to rebound in the second quarter. On the second quarter, the Avengers were able to execute their offense and scored 21 points and were able to blow the game open. At halftime, the Avengers led 28-0. In the middle of the third quarter, the Avengers pulled their first strings on both offense and defense and bought their second string in. The game ended with a win for the Avengers 55-20.

Offensively, the Avengers were able to execute their rushing game as they ran for 328 yards and the average game per rush was 8.2 yards. Both running backs #35 Alex Brink and #10 Sam Bryant had a successful game with Brink rushing for 109 yards and Bryant rushing for 93 yards.

The defense was led by sophomore linebacker, #32 Chris Bournes, who recorded 6 tackles and 1 TFL. Freshman defensive line #56 Kyle Thomas had 3 TFL and 3 sacks. The defense also managed to intercept 1 pass.

The ASA Avengers next travels to Pennsylvania to play against conference rivals Lackawanna Falcons (currently ranked #6 in the NJCAA) for one of the biggest games of the season on October 6th.

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