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Lauren Holden Named Al Carino South Jersey College Player of the Year

Bronx, N.Y. – Senior co-captain Lauren Holden has been named the Al Carino Girl's Basketball Club of South Jersey's College Player of the Year, it was announced by the organization this week. Holden leads the country in minutes played and is an vital cog in this year's Atlantic 10 Championship-winning team. "This is such an amazing honor for an amazing player and person," Head coach Stephanie Gaitley said, "My sister, Val, told me about her back in the eighth grade because she taught Lauren at her school. She spoke about Lauren and her family and said I'm not sure how good she is because I don't know much about basketball but she's an awesome kid. Wow, did she hit it on the head. To see Lauren finally get some well-deserved recognition really puts an exclamation point on an incredible career. I couldn't be happier!"

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