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The NCAA is making a mistake by starting Division I hoops this month | Mike Jensen

When it came to figuring out what to do with its Division I basketball season, when there were no good answers, the NCAA still might have figured out how to pick the most wrong one.

Let’s move the season back two weeks, to a Nov. 25 tipoff, cut some games, make everyone scramble in so many directions, still have them play nonconference basketball in November and December, even as the COVID-19 pandemic was forecast to begin a second wave, which is now basically here, even as the conferences have wildly varying protocols, because of wildly varying budgets.

Maybe we have it wrong, though. We checked with a couple of administrators. No, they agree. So many variables, but it’s all a mess. A TV analyst who is plugged in as anybody: “This two-week quarantine for a positive test makes the season very iffy in my mind. I pray I’m wrong.” We texted a dozen D-I coaches, all levels, mostly head coaches but some assistants, offered them a little anonymous survey on the NCAA scheduling plan.

A) Should have gone with the normal plan. B) They came up with a good plan. C) Should have started in January and not worried about when the season ends. D) Should have gone with league-only play.


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