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UConn Men's Basketball: Dee Rowe Era (1969-1977)

UConn Men's Basketball: Dee Rowe Era (1969-1977)

Northeast Div II & Div III College Sports Report

(i) A weekly rating of the top small college teams in the Northeast of the United States,

(ii) Statistical evaluations of the top-performing players and teams in those conferences.

(iii) Updates of the week's top games in those conferences.

(iv) Weekly honors: top performances of the week, featuring the players and coaches in those conferences.

Weekly Podcast Show 

Northeast Div II & Div III 

Weekly or daily show podcast show that could be studio or remotely produce on location. The podcast will focus on the various issues of the day concerning college athletics. One-on-one interviews with athletes or journalists that cover a   particular conference or school.

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