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Lil Baby - Danger (Visualizer)

Some studies have concluded that a baby ultrasound before 14 weeks gestation is the most accurate way to predict the due date. Some studies also found that when women had an ultrasound for dating they were less likely to be induced for post-term pregnancy.

Lil Baby - Danger (Visualizer)

Placenta previa is when the placenta attaches in the lower part of the uterus and may entirely or partially cover the cervix. Getting a baby ultrasound can help determine if you may have a low lying placenta.

Some mothers, like myself, want a glimpse of their baby in utero as a way to connect with their child and to be sure everything is developing normally. I had a friend who discovered that her baby only had one kidney in her 20 week scan. She was able prepare for his birth by getting some specialists in line so her son had the best care after birth.

False positives are significant in routine ultrasound scans. Such false positives can create stress in moms (which is not good for the baby) and additional ultrasounds that may interfere with parents bonding with their unborn child.

*I was in the ER three times for kidney stones, and the first two times they insisted on ultrasounds to rule out the baby causing me the abdominal pain. The third visit they agreed not to do one. I had to choice but to get these.

Hey claudia same situation going with me but cause is different placenta issue, placenta not providing sufficient blood to baby and they want to check me every week 2 non stress test and twice a week ultrasound iam also worried about my baby health. Is it effect mental or physical health of my baby? Can you contact me through email ?

Hi Leah I was actually in the ER at 5/6 weeks pregnant and they used a doppler on me and I am furious, I see it was used because they said transvaginal gray scale sonography of the pelvis was performed and color doppler vascular flow imaging was performed. How much do you think my baby was exposed to via those tests?

She explained that they never ever use a doppler and only ever a standard 2D ultrasound machine. Never 3 or 4D. That she had a lot of experience and only needed to do it for around 3 seconds just to check the baby is alive in the first one and that there was no twins. I agreed and it was literally 3 seconds the first one at 14 weeks (normally done earlier at 4weeks but I delayed the initial appt as much as possible). The only thing is she just said yep the baby has a heartbeat and is alive and looks healthy. All within 3 seconds. My partner also said he seen a heartbeat on the monitor. Blink and I would have missed it.

Also, an ultrasound does not have radiation, radiation can only come from electromagnetic spectrum, of which sound is not! And radiation is only dangerous when it is ionizing, thus, sunlight, generally not dangerous, light from your indoor lamp, technically radiation, not dangerous! Once you go into the actually higher frequency part of the spectrum, that is when you start to see potential damage from extended exposure to ionized radiation!

This is bull if not for ultrasound there would be way more baby death and momma death. If not of an ultrasound my step daughter would have died along with her twin. My grandmother would have bleed to death because her low laying placenta did not correct its self. Sorry but this is so stupid there is a reason that more babies and moms survive now then 100 years ago.

Information is available to everybody now days just in case you did not know. Not really fair to say people are becoming ignorant just because they are researching more and trying to get informed. Data and info are at the tip of your fingers and people can compare, corroborate and evaluate information to get their conclusions. If you want to put it in a professional context, then you are not qualified to speak about it either because I guarantee you are not educated in sound waves, frequency range, amplitude, sound propagation, etc, etc. Or do you happen to know how many decibels is a baby exposed just from the machine itself? (I am not even talking about the heat produce from the wave itself), probably not right? (but hey! guess what? you can research it!) The only professional who can really have an opinion here is a sonographer who might be aware of the risks from the machines. You might have experience with readings proceeding from this procedure but that is all. You are not in position either to say this device causes harm or not.JC (sound engineer)

You need to get at least one ultrasound sweetie. There are so many things that could be wrong and could be fixed. Plus read the comment above. This article took good research and twisted it to their own purpose. Please read the original sighted work before you make any choices based on this article. My step daughter would be dead with f an ultrasound. They were able to diagnose her and make sure her mom gave birth in an equipped hospital so that the baby could have a fighting chance.

As I read this article, I comprehended the same thing as John. It seems the danger results from the untrained person giving the ultrasound, not the ultrasound itself. It is very possible to be driven by emotion and become misinformed by information on the internet. Please becareful ladies!!

I was also under midwifery care and we believed our baby was in a head down position at 34 weeks. I was also palpated by an osteopath who was caring for me. Turns out she was a footling breech and I went into labor at 35 weeks- so we had to go to the hospital and ended up having a c-section due to her positioning. We did not have any ultrsounds during my pregnancy. We may choose to do one late scan if we choose to have another child to give us the opportunity for a version if needed.

I appreciate the information on the ultrasounds. I agree that there are many benefits of getting an ultrasound, it can really help you learn a lot about your baby and what to expect before the actual birth. My sister is pregnant and debating on getting an ultrasound, I will be sure to share this information with her.

With my first I was young and brash and had no ultrasounds or dopplers. Just fetascope. Unless of course you count the swim I had w dophins at 8 months pregnant with a mom and baby dolphin circling my belly and chittering. Now I am pregnant again at 45 naturally, same dad, and we chose to do genetic testing as well as one ultrasound. All is well so far at 32 weeks and I plan to allow doppler at labor. I do think that honoring my spirit in my heart about it both times has been good choice! And pray that baby next will be super healthy like our beautiful natural daughter.

Hi, Rebecca, I have a question for you. What do you mean by scan? Are you talking about the v-scan or an ultrasound? I am pregnant with my 4th which is a rainbow baby. I have two boys and my 3rd I miscarried. Before I go in for my 1st prenatal, I want to see I should only go the v-scan route to check for the heartbeat, b/c I understand about the doppler being dangerous. Btw- does anyone know how safe the v-scan is?

The other danger with uterine perforation is the bowel. Puncturing bowel will hurt, but depending on her level of fear it might only be enough to cry out but not to ask for help. However, within the next 3 days the bowel perforation will most certainly kill her unless she gets appropriate medical care. That care will likely involve major surgery to drain abscesses, remove necrotic bowel, and possibly even a colostomy. The uterus will also be infected and may be damaged beyond repair.

Look: I NEVER fault a woman for wanting to have an abortion, and there will always be options available for someone who feels desperate. Having a baby is scary, life-changing, and some just are not ready for it. There are clinics and doctors everywhere who will perform an abortion, and regardless of that fact, there will still be the occasional person who feels so desperate and emotional they just want to get things over with and will be unsafe about it. Duh.

Otherwise known as baby echidnas, puggles are the cutest creatures to ever come shuffling into existence. And now the world has got just a little bit warmer and fuzzier, thanks to a brand new puggle being born in Perth Zoo, Australia.

Ever heard of women of yore squatting wherever they happened to be to give birth? Well, it turns out there's something to it: Squatting actually speeds labor because it increases the pelvic opening, providing more room for baby to descend.

By the time you're close to your due date, you're probably willing to do or eat anything to get to that million-dollar prize (your baby) more quickly. Unfortunately, at least as far as medical science is concerned, there is no miracle meal that will bring on labor. 041b061a72


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