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Maximum Thrust 2003 Movie

Maximum Thrust 2003 Movie Review

Maximum Thrust is a 2003 action drama movie directed by Paul Miller and starring Beverly Lynne, Robyn Hyden, Onyx, Nicole Oring, and Akira Lane. The movie follows a down and out all-girl race team, Maximum Thrust, who hires a sexy newbie street racer, Bekka, in hopes of saving a failing business and salvaging street creds and respect. The action is fast and furious on and off the track when Bekka is seduced by a rival racer, Junior Sloan, who intends on destroying Maximum Thrust, even if it means killing the driver. With friends and lovers helping, the women of Maximum Thrust build an awesome street racing machine and lay it all on the line when they challenge Junior to a race at "Street Wars".


Plot Summary

The movie begins with Bekka (Beverly Lynne), a young and attractive street racer, who is looking for a new team after her previous one disbanded. She meets Ava (Robyn Hyden), the leader of Maximum Thrust, a struggling all-girl race team that operates out of a garage owned by Tommy (Curt Jamieson). Ava offers Bekka a spot on the team, hoping that her skills and charisma will help them win more races and attract more sponsors. Bekka agrees to join the team, which consists of Corky (Nicole Oring), the mechanic, Callie (Akira Lane), the navigator, and Nyugen (James Kwong), the hacker.

Meanwhile, Junior Sloan (Onyx), the son of a wealthy businessman and the leader of a rival race team, is plotting to take over the street racing scene by sabotaging his competitors. He sets his sights on Maximum Thrust, seeing them as a threat to his dominance. He sends his henchman Anton (Darron Johnson) to spy on them and find out their weaknesses. He also tries to seduce Bekka, who is unaware of his true intentions. He invites her to his mansion, where he shows her his collection of exotic cars and his private racetrack. He convinces her to race with him, and they end up having sex.

Bekka soon realizes that she has been played by Junior, who reveals that he has planted a bomb in her car that will explode if she tries to race against him. He also tells her that he has rigged the upcoming Street Wars event, where he plans to eliminate all his rivals in one fell swoop. He warns her not to tell anyone or he will kill her and her friends.

Bekka manages to escape from Junior's mansion and returns to Maximum Thrust's garage. She confesses everything to Ava and the others, who are shocked and angry at her betrayal. However, they decide to forgive her and help her stop Junior's scheme. They work together to build a new car for Bekka, using parts from their other vehicles and some stolen from Junior's warehouse. They also enlist the help of Surfer Dude (Christian Dion), a former racer who knows Junior's secrets.

The movie climaxes at the Street Wars event, where Maximum Thrust faces off against Junior's team and other racers. The race is full of twists and turns, as Junior tries to sabotage his opponents with traps and explosives. However, Bekka manages to avoid his attacks and catch up with him on the final stretch. She challenges him to a one-on-one duel, where the winner takes all. She uses her driving skills and Surfer Dude's advice to outsmart Junior and beat him by a narrow margin. She then exposes his cheating to the crowd, who boo him and cheer for her. She also reveals that she has disarmed the bomb in her car and planted it in Junior's car instead. The bomb goes off, destroying Junior's car and sending him flying into the air.

Critical Reception

Maximum Thrust received mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike. Some praised the movie for its fast-paced action scenes, sexy cast members, and cheesy humor. Others criticized the movie for its low-budget production values, poor acting performances, and thin plot.

The movie currently has a rating of 4/10 on IMDb, 1/5 on Letterboxd, and no score on Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic.


Maximum Thrust is a movie that appeals to fans of low-budget action movies, especially those who enjoy watching car chases, explosions, and scantily clad women. The movie does not offer much in terms of story, character development, or artistic merit, but it does deliver on its promise of providing cheap thrills and entertainment. Maximum Thrust is a movie that you can watch with your friends and have a good laugh, or watch alone and have a good time.


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