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With our emphasis on your safety, features such as an internally mounted ballistic parachute aircraft recovery system, a no- corrosion, low-maintenance airframe and a one piece canopy, are standard with each plane. The canopy provides a 360 panoramic view and low noise levels to create a professional cockpit with both comfort and style. In addition, all controls and flight instruments have been ergonomically positioned to maximize ease of use. The wings can be removed in about 15 minutes for easy transport and storage. Additionally, the StingSport includes a 3-blade, ground-adjustable propeller as standard equipment.

3 Dear Sirius Owner: Congratulations on the purchase of your Sirius! You will find your new TL-ULTRALIGHT aircraft very enjoyable, extremely economical, and easy to maintain. The Sirius is the ideal Light Sport Airplane. It is fast, economical, pleasing to the eye, and user friendly. We at TL-ULTRALIGHT Sport Aircraft are certain that your Sirius will give you hours and hours of leisure flying and enjoyment. With this Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM), we hope to help inform you about the support and operation of your aircraft. Should there be any questions or errors found in your reading this manual please contact us immediately and we will issue a clarification. Thank you again for your business. We look forward to a continuing satisfied customer relationship. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments regarding your Sirius. Fly safe! Fly fun! Jiri Tlusty TL-ULTRALIGHT, s.r.o. Airport 515, Pouchov Hradec Králové CZECH REPUBLIC 0-1

9 0.2 Notes, Cautions, and Warnings Throughout this manual, small boxes are inserted reading Note, Caution, or Warning. These are items which require particularly close attention for special conditions or procedures. NOTE This text box emphasizes specific operating conditions, steps in a procedure, helpful hints or useful advice. CAUTION This text box represents danger to equipment or operation. By not observing the cautions, the result could be the destruction of equipment and possibly personal danger and injury. WARNING WARNING This text box represents a hazardous situation. Warnings are used to call attention to operating procedures or conditions which, if not strictly observed, may result in personal injury or death. Every owner, pilot, operator, or maintainer of the Sirius should become familiar with the entire text of this Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM) It also incorporates only some references from Rotax, the engine manufacturer, Woodcomp, the propeller supplier, and Galaxy, the installed aircraft parachute system. Please refer to the latest edition of those manufacturer manuals for specific and complete detailed maintenance procedures of each aircraft system. 0-7

10 CAUTION The Sirius is intended for sport and recreational purposes only. This aircraft meets the standard specification Design and Performance (D&P) established by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Document F , and it is therefore restricted by that guideline. The aircraft does not comply with any FAA Part 22, or 23 certification processes. Compliance with regulations placed upon the airplane category should be strictly adhered to by the owner and any operator NOTE This AMM is valid only if the user complies with any changes that may be issued at a later date. Any pages affected by a change should be removed and replaced with the effective pages immediately. If this manual is found not to be current, revisions missing or pages removed contact our USA Customer Service location for replacements. TL-ULTRALIGHT s.r.o Customer Service West Markham Street Little Rock, AR Phone: Fax:

13 SECTION 1 GENERAL INFORMATION 1.1 Introduction Section 1 contains general information regarding manual organization, descriptive data, abbreviations, the Master Equipment List, feed-back forms for the aircraft and this manual as well as cur


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