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The U.S.S. Sculpin Story Full Movie Kickass Torrent

The U.S.S. Sculpin Story Full Movie Kickass Torrent --->

The U.S.S. Sculpin Story: A Heroic Tale of Sacrifice and Survival

The U.S.S. Sculpin was a submarine that served in the Pacific theater during World War II. It was part of a three-boat division that was tasked with defending the sea lanes approaching the Gilbert Islands, where the famous invasion of Tarawa took place in November 1943.

On November 19, the Sculpin encountered a Japanese convoy escorted by destroyers. It launched a torpedo attack, but missed its targets and was detected by the enemy. The Sculpin was forced to dive and evade depth charges for several hours, until it suffered severe damage and had to surface.

The Japanese destroyers opened fire on the crippled submarine, killing several crew members and wounding others. The captain of the Sculpin, Commander Fred Connaway, ordered all hands to abandon ship, but he stayed aboard with Captain John P. Cromwell, who was in charge of the submarine division.

Cromwell had vital information about the upcoming invasion of Tarawa and other secret plans. He knew that if he was captured by the Japanese, he would be tortured and forced to reveal what he knew. He decided to go down with the Sculpin and take his secrets to his grave.

Connaway stayed with him out of loyalty and courage. They scuttled the submarine and sank with it, while the rest of the crew were taken prisoner by the Japanese. Some of them died in captivity, while others survived and were liberated at the end of the war.

The U.S.S. Sculpin Story is a full movie that tells the dramatic and heroic story of these brave men who fought and died for their country. It is based on historical facts and eyewitness accounts from the survivors. It is a gripping and inspiring film that honors the legacy of the Silent Service.

The U.S.S. Sculpin Story full movie kickass torrent is available for download on various websites. You can watch it online or offline, and enjoy this amazing tribute to the submariners of World War II.

The movie also depicts the fate of the Sculpin's survivors, who were captured by the Japanese and taken to Truk, a major enemy base in the Pacific. There, they were interrogated and tortured for information about the American submarine operations and plans. Some of them died from their wounds or mistreatment, while others endured starvation, disease, and abuse.

One of the survivors was Lieutenant George E. Brown, who had ordered the scuttling of the Sculpin and was the senior officer among the prisoners. He managed to keep up the morale of his men and resist the Japanese attempts to break him. He also organized a secret communication system among the prisoners, using scraps of paper and hidden codes.

In June 1944, Brown and 21 other Sculpin survivors were transferred to Japan on board a cargo ship. Along the way, they witnessed the American air raids on Truk and Saipan. They arrived in Yokohama on July 4, and were sent to various prison camps in Japan. Brown was taken to Ofuna, a notorious interrogation center for high-value prisoners.

At Ofuna, Brown met another submarine officer, Lieutenant Commander Richard H. O'Kane, who had been captured after his boat USS Tang (SS-306) was sunk by one of its own torpedoes. O'Kane was the most successful American submarine commander of the war, having sunk 33 enemy ships. He was also a Medal of Honor recipient.

Brown and O'Kane became friends and shared their experiences and knowledge. They also helped each other survive the harsh conditions and brutal treatment at Ofuna. They remained there until August 1945, when they were liberated by American forces after Japan's surrender.

The U.S.S. Sculpin Story full movie kickass torrent shows the incredible courage and resilience of these men who faced unimaginable hardships and horrors as prisoners of war. It also pays tribute to their fallen comrades who gave their lives for their country and their mission. aa16f39245


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