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Abstract:The development of portable electronic devices has increased; this development needs to be accompanied by the development of reliable power sources. In this study, two different vortex combustor sets were used in conjunction with a thermoelectric generator to determine their energy output. This study focuses on the development of a meso-scale vortex combustor to obtain the electric energy for a micro power generator; different materials and different vortex designs are analyzed. Numerical and experimental methods have been used to analyze the development of the vortex combustor. A horizontal vortex combustor made from stainless steel had higher wall temperature and voltage output measurements. To analyze the energy output for the micro power generator, a single TEG and double TEG are analyzed; according to the results, a double TEG with a water-cooled system has the highest electric power compared with the other results.Keywords: electric energy; meso-scale combustion; thermoelectric; vortex combustor

Meso Generator V 99 Download

The useful shelf-life of the ORNL alumina-based 188W/188Re generator shows consistently high 188Re-perrhenate yields and low 188W breakthrough over at least 2 months (Image property of ORNL, courtesy of Dr. Russ Knapp, Oak Ridge, TN).

f using Git version 2.19 or greater, you can specify --partial-clone when performing repo init. This makes use of Git's partial clone capability to only download Git objects when needed, instead of downloading everything. Because using partial clones means that many operations must communicate with the server, use the following if you're a developer and you're using a network with low latency:

The present study reports a convenient method for 68Ga-labelling under anhydrous conditions using solid-phase derived gallium-68-acetylacetonate ([ 68Ga]Ga(acac)3) in a microwave-enhanced radiosynthesis. Commercial 68Ge/68Ga-radionuclide generators utilizing TiO2 to adsorb 68Ge(IV) (Obninsk-generators) were used. The initial aqueous generator eluate was transferred online onto a cation exchange resin and 68Ga was absorbed quantitatively. From this resin, 68Ga was eluted with different acetone-based, non-aqueous solvent systems. More than 95% of the generator-eluted 68Ga was obtained from the cation exchange resin with 600 μL of a 98% acetone/2% acetylacetone mixture providing n.c.a. [ 68Ga]Ga(acac)3 as labelling agent. Water-insoluble macrocyclic polypyrrole derivatives were chosen as model compounds for a proof-of-principle labelling of lipophilic compounds with 68Ga. Labelling of two different porphyrin derivatives, meso -tetraphenyl-porphyrin (Tpp) and (3-(1-hydroxyheptyl)deuteroporphyrin dimethylester (HHDPD) was performed in chloroform in a focused microwave synthesis system in yields of up to 90% within 5 min using phenol as co-ligand. Moreover, new co-ligands were investigated to be more effective and significantly less toxic than phenol. Among the phenol alternatives, gentisic acid (2,5-dihydroxy benzoic acid, DHB, 5 mg) emerged as the most useful, non-toxic phenol substitute. It facilitates reducing the load of co-ligand by 95%, while providing an increased labeling yield of 97%. 68Ga-labelled porphyrins may facilitate the medical application for molecular imaging via positron emission tomography.

On August 29th, 2008, YouTuber injurylawassociates uploaded a a commercial for the Houston, Texas attorneys Danziger & Dellano, alerting viewers that they made "be entitled to financial compensation" if they were diagnosed with mesothelioma

On May 16th, 2012, Redditor caraeeezy submitted a post asking if anyone else got the word "mesothelioma" stuck in their heads after watching attorney commercials on television to /r/DoesAnybodyElse,[7] garnering upwards of 770 votes (86% upvoted) and 100 comments prior to being archived. On November 16th, 2014, Redditor Kelvinist joked that aliens would think our "entire economy is based on car insurance and mesothelioma lawsuits" if they were intercepting our television signals on /r/showerthoughts.[8] On June 25th, 2016, Twitter user @cool_as_heck[12] tweeted a distorted stock photo of a person dialing a phone captioned with the mesothelioma copypasta (shown below).

On July 24th, the /r/mesotheliomalawyers[2] subreddit was created. On August 26th, 2016, Redditor soulnatsu submitted the commercial transcript to the /r/copypasta[1] subreddit. On October 25th, Redditor LiceCurryToss submitted an image macro of a smiling baby being held by a woman, captioned with the mesothelioma copypasta to /r/dank_meme[3] (shown below, left). On November 1st, Redditor xLeperMessiahx reposted the image macro to /r/me_irl,[6] where it received upwards of 32,800 votes (87% upvoted) and 270 comments. On November 2nd, Redditor M4_doop posted a comic in which a student is handed a note with the mesothelioma copypasta written on it to /r/me_irl[5] (shown below, right).

On November 4th, an emoji variation of the copypasta was posted on /r/emojipasta.[9] On December 29th, the original copypasta was reposted on /r/copypasta.[10] On January 4th, Tumblr user idiotdad[11] submitted a photoshopped Hollywood sign with the mesothelioma ad copypasta (shown below). Within 48 hours, the post gained more than 8,600 notes.

On January 5th, 2017, Redditor Lucretios submitted a post asking about the origin of the meme to /r/OutOfTheLoop,[4] to which Redditor POGtastic responded that mesothelioma ads were nearly "ubiquitous" on American television due the profitability of asbestos litigation. Additionally, other Redditors noted that "mesothelioma" was one of the most expensive Google adwords in online advertising.

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This paper reviews the availability and use of 188Re including reactor production of 188W, the development of techniques for the preparation 188W/188Re generators and concentration systems, and the most important chemical strategies development in the last years for the preparation of 188Re radiopharmaceuticals.

Ideally, 188W should be produced by neutron irradiation of enriched 186W targets, especially for the subsequent preparation of high activity 188W/188Re generators. The use of enriched targets is also required to minimize co-production of other radioactive species. In addition, the use of enriched targets reduces the target volume considerably, since the W targets are quite large because of the modest 188W production yields. Furthermore, because of the relatively low specific activity of 188W produced by the double neutron capture process, even at very high thermal flux, the highest specific activity 188W is generally sought to minimize the amount of adsorbent required for loading of the traditional aluminium oxide adsorption type generator. The irradiation of high purity natural W results in much lower specific activity and requires even higher levels of the alumina adsorbent [14]. Although large electromagnetically separated quantities of highly enriched 186W are available on the world market and mechanical-driven (i.e.,) centrifuge enrichment method has also been demonstrated on a small scale, another strategy has been demonstrated feasility, that is the recovery of nonactivated 186W from used generators, since only a small fraction of 186W is transmuted to 188W during the reactor irradiation process. By increasing the pH of the generator eluent, salts of tungstic acid can be readily removed [15]. The use of ammonium hydroxide with peroxide, for instance, can remove >95% of the available W from the alumina column. Subsequent precipitation with nitric acid (chloride complexes have limited solubility), recovery by centrifugation and then heating at high temperature, readily converts the W to the oxide, which could then conceivably be used for preparation of additional targets for neutron irradiation. Although long decay periods would be expected to reduce the activity of the residual radioactivity to manageable levels, this recovered W would still be radioactive with longer lived contaminants. Target fabrication with this material would thus probably require special handling. Nonetheless, this approach could represent a possible method for recovery of the 186W target material.

The presence of 60Co in decayed samples of the 188Re eluate from 188W/188Re generators probably results from activation of the low levels of natural cobalt (59Co) present in the Al material used to construct the hydraulic tube units. It is assumed that, after irradiation, small amounts of the Al base material probably accompany the irradiated 186W material, which is removed after opening the hydraulic tube assembly. Most of the 191Os is removed during the oxidative conversion of the metallic W target to tungsten oxide, and any remaining 191Os and 192Ir is generally only detected in small amounts by gamma spectroscopy following decay of 188Re in the saline eluted bolus. These impurities are slowly eluted from the generators in only very small amounts. If the tandem cation/anion postconcentration system is used, as in the general practice in most clinical centres, essentially all the 192Ir is trapped on the column during concentration.

Rhenium-188 having very high radionuclidic and radiochemical purity (>99%) can be eluted from the alumina based generator with high elution efficiency (>80%). Nonetheless, most often the 188Re eluted from an alumina column chromatography generator is not suitable for the direct formulation of radiopharmaceuticals; a postelution concentration of the generator eluent solution is essential to obtain having radioactive concentration sufficient for radiopharmaceutical formulation.

The availability of 188W/188Re generators and the use of high specific activity 188Re for a variety of important therapeutic applications in nuclear medicine and oncology still continues to be of widespread interest. The attractive radionuclidic and chemical properties of 188Re, and the possibility of obtaining 188Re in-house and on demand make this generator system ideal for many applications. Therefore the development of new chemical strategies allows to obtain in very high yield and in physiological condition 188Re-radiopharmaceutical which gives a new attractive prospective to the development of new Radiopharmaceuticals for therapy. 350c69d7ab


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