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Amman Kavasam Lyrics In Tamil Pdf Free NEW!

Amman Kavasam Lyrics In Tamil Pdf Free: A Powerful Devotional Song to Worship the Goddess Amman

Amman Kavasam is a Tamil devotional song that praises and invokes the blessings of the Goddess Amman, who is also known as Durga, Parvati, Shakti, or Kali. Amman is the supreme mother goddess who protects and grants boons to her devotees. She is also the destroyer of evil and the bestower of auspiciousness.

Amman Kavasam Lyrics In Tamil Pdf Free

Amman Kavasam consists of 61 verses that describe the attributes and names of Amman, as well as her weapons and vehicles. The song also contains various mantras and prayers that seek her protection, grace, and mercy. The song is believed to have been composed by Kalpanadasan, a devotee of Amman, who received her vision and blessings.

Amman Kavasam lyrics in Tamil pdf free are available online for anyone who wants to download and chant them. The pdf file contains the lyrics in Tamil script, as well as the transliteration and translation in English. The pdf file also has some instructions on how to chant the song properly and the benefits of chanting it.

How to Chant Amman Kavasam Lyrics In Tamil Pdf Free

Chanting Amman Kavasam lyrics in Tamil pdf free is a simple and effective way to worship and connect with Amman. Here are some steps to follow:

  • Download the Amman Kavasam lyrics in Tamil pdf free from a reliable source. You can use this link: Download Amman Kavasam Lyrics In Tamil Pdf Free.

  • Print or open the pdf file on your device. You can also use an app or a website that can read pdf files aloud.

  • Choose a suitable time and place to chant the song. Ideally, you should chant it in the morning or evening, facing east or north, in a clean and quiet place.

  • Before chanting, take a bath and wear clean clothes. You can also light a lamp or a candle and offer some flowers or fruits to Amman.

  • Start chanting the song with devotion and concentration. You can chant it aloud or silently, depending on your preference. You can also sing along with an audio or video version of the song.

  • Repeat the song as many times as you wish. You can chant it once, three times, nine times, or 108 times.

  • After chanting, thank Amman for her blessings and ask for her forgiveness for any mistakes you may have made while chanting.

Chanting Amman Kavasam lyrics in Tamil pdf free regularly can bring you many benefits, such as:

  • Protection from enemies, dangers, diseases, and evil influences.

  • Removal of obstacles, difficulties, and sins.

  • Fulfillment of desires, wishes, and goals.

  • Attainment of wealth, health, happiness, and prosperity.