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BREAKING: 3-star TE Tyler Devera decommits from Rutgers following his brother's dismissal

By Todderick Hunt | NJ Advance Media for

On the heels of the dismissal of his older brother, Brendan, who was removed from the Rutgers football team for violating team policies, class of 2019 tight end Tyler Devera has decommitted from Rutgers.

The 6-4, 235-pounder told NJ Advance Media Thursday, marking the end of a Rutgers career before it even began. Devera holds more than 15 offers and is back on the market in time for his senior season, which the three-star recruit believes will be his best year.

Devera talks decommitment

"Definitely what happened with my brother and everything. He was a big factor into why I wanted to go there. None of the coaches have contacted me since he's been removed from the team to even say we still want you or anything like that. They just kind of led me away and made me feel like I wasn't wanted there."

Note: The Rutgers staff did, however, reach out to Tyler the night before his brother Brendan's dismissal, in an attempt to reassure him that he's still wanted at Rutgers.

Why today?

"No specific reason. I just felt like I've had enough time. I talked to my family a lot and I just felt like it was the right time today to decommit and open up my recruitment so that other schools see that I still want to be recruited and stuff like that."

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Which schools are in the mix now?

"I like Michigan State a lot. They show a lot of love. They filmed me when they came in. A couple coaches followed me on Twitter. So I like Michigan State a lot."

Any others?

"Kent State offered me the same day Rutgers did. The coach said that they are one of those schools that don't offer right away. They want to see how you work and how you do against other competition. And he said that I dominated at Rutgers and everything he saw he can see on is team. I really like Kent State. They have an awesome program. They are really turning it around. The head coach came from Syracuse and he's a great dude, so I can definitely see myself going there."

Western Michigan also a player

"Definitely Western Michigan. I really like Western Michigan, and the coaches, they all love me. They flew out to a camp just to come see me, so that definitely pushed me to work harder and stuff like that. They definitely showed a lot of love. And Kent State too. When they offered me they seemed like they were really interested. The coach has always been talking to me saying how he wanted to see me in person and then finally offered me. So I could see myself going there."

How tough was the decision?

"It's not that tough. I couldn't see myself going there after what happened and everything. I just needed some time to think it over and look at all the factors that go into it."

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Attacking the 2018 season

"Pretty much just grinding, doing what I've always done. I've been working out with my brother everyday, getting each other better, pushing each other to improve."

Tyler expands on workouts with Brendan

"It's definitely very intense. Ever since we were little, he's always pushed me to be the best I can be and vice versa. So having him back here is definitely a big motivating factor for me. And we just push each other a lot. We work out everyday, either once or twice a day. We do weightlifting and sometimes we do conditioning on top of all the school conditioning they do."

How does Tyler compare strength-wise?

"I'm not quite there yet. He's kind of like a man-child. But I'm getting there. Just give me a couple more years."

Skills Devera has improved this off-season

"My route-running ability and how I control my body when the ball is in the air and my ball skills. I've been working a lot on my feet, my footwork, being lighter on my feet, not having heavy feet. Just everything. My blocking techniques I've been working on a lot -- reach blocks, outside blocks. Everything. Whatever I can do to get myself better."

Photo courtesy of Devera

Parting message for Rutgers coaches, fans

"I definitely want to thank Rutgers for giving me an opportunity and extending me a scholarship, as well as the fans. It means everything to me. I wanted it for so long and I finally got it and I committed, but things just didn't work out. And to the people who still want me to go there (to Rutgers), I appreciate it. I just can't see myself going there after this. I wouldn't want people to treat me differently or have anything hang over my head. But it definitely means a lot that they support me and that they're there for me and hopefully they still will even though I'm not going to Rutgers."

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