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Columbia Enjoys Success at Summer Fencing Nationals

T. LOUIS, Mo.—Columbia Fencing earned three medalist performances and multiple top-8 finishes at last week's 2018 Summer National Championships and July Challenge, held June 28-July 7 at the America Center Convention Complex in St. Louis, Mo. Top Columbia performances were provided by rising junior Sam Moelis, who earned the Silver Medal in the Division 1 men's foil out of 130 fencers, sophomore Sylvie Binder, who captured the Bronze Medal in Junior women's foil out of 226 fencers and incoming first-year Nora Burk, who won Bronze in the Division 1 women's sabre while competing against 84 fencers. In addition, Columbia received a variety of top-8 finishes including performances from rising junior Violet Michel as well as incoming fencers Daniella Timofeyev, Karolina Nixon and Cedric Mecke. Following is Columbia's top-32 results from the past week in St. Louis: Division I Women's Sabre (84 Fencers) 3rd – Nora Burk (Incoming) 7th – Violet Michel 9th – Daniella Timofeyev (Incoming) Division 1 Women's Foil (99 Fencers) 1st – Nicole Ross CC'13 2nd - Margaret Lu CC'17 5th – Nzingha Prescod CC'15 17th – Sylvie Binder 24th – Quinn Crum Division 1 Women's Epee (101 fencers) 7th – Karolina Nixon (Incoming) 21st – Kenya Plenty Junior Women's Sabre (156 Fencers) 6th – Daniella Timofeyev Junior Women's Foil (226 Fencers) 3rd – Sylvie Binder 22nd – Natalie Minarik Junior Women's Epee (217 Fencers) 12th – Karolina Nixon (Incoming) Division I men's Sabre (119 Fencers) 11th – Andrew Doddo 14th – Geoffrey Loss CC'2016 20th – Michael Costin CC'2017 22nd – Jeff Spear CC'2009 30th – Dawson Sieradzky 31st – Alex Walker Division 1 men's Foil (130 Fencers) 2nd – Sam Moelis 16th – Adam Mathieu CC'2016 Division 1 men's Epee (159 Fencers) 7th – Cedric Mecke (Incoming) 19th – Dwight Smith CC'2009 Junior men's Epee (322 Fencers) 14th – Teddy Lombardo (Incoming) 27th – Cedric Mecke (Incoming)

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