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Lions Win Over ASA in Home Opener

Garden City, NY) The Nassau Lions opened their season this past weekend against rival ASA. An early season win was exactly what the lions were looking for to jumpstart their season and that is exactly what they got. Opening the game Steven Genova was under center and looking very sharp. Passes were on target and the run game with Jeremiah Nelson moved the ball quickly up field. Sharing the snaps during the opening script was Rashad Tucker out of the wildcat; the trio was dominant as the lions when up 7-0 in their first possession. With a big stop of the ASA Avengers the lions went right back to work capitalizing on the hard work of the defense. Led by Jordan Jones and Vincent Winey, the men did their job and got the ball back in the hands of Genova. The lions during their second possession again moved quickly and efficiently down the field and went up 14-0. The Avengers however locked in on the Lions defense using the RB screen effectively and scored on their next possession. With the bad snap the extra point was missed. The avengers scored again in the first quarter but once again the point after was missed as it went off the post. These two missed extra points were turn into a costly mistake for the Avengers. The third quarter brought new energy to the lions as they advanced the ball into the red zone but a Genova INT brought the drive to a stop. With the end of the fourth quarter loaming the Lions sideline was nervous as the Lions opted to punt with only a few minutes remaining. Justin Norcini, laid a perfect ball down inside of the six. Pinning the ball deep into Avengers territory. All of the amazing work done by the lions looked lost as the Avengers within only a few plays had the ball down to the lion's goal line. With an incomplete pass it was 4 and goal with only inches keeping the Avengers from taking the game. In a surprising move the Avengers chose to kick a chip shot FG for the win. The ball was snapped, the hold was good, but the kick once again found the upright. Lions took over possession and the sideline erupted. Genova took to the victory formation and sealed the victory over national ranked #12 ASA, 14-12.

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