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ASA Avengers Football Team Scores Most Points in Program's History

Brooklyn, NY – The ASA Avengers football team plays at home in Aviator Sports Complex, Brooklyn, NY on October 13th 2018 against Capp Prep after a disappointing loss against the Lackawanna Falcons last week. After a game in which the Avengers made a few mistakes in the last 4 minutes against the Lackwanna Falcons, the Avengers look to bounce back.

On the ASA Avengers first drive, they scored their first touchdown in the early minutes of the game with a 2 yard rush from running back, Alex Brink, after quarterback, Khalid Morris, threw a 30 yard pass to Emmanuel Oliver. The Avengers successfully defended Capp's first drive and they weren't able to reach first down. On the Avengers second drive, they scored after quarterback, Khalid Morris, threw a pass to wide receiver, Emmanuel Oliver, for a touchdown. By the end of first quarter, the Avengers extended their lead to 21-0.

Towards the middle of the 2nd quarter, the Avengers brought in their second unit on offese and defense. Against the Avengers 2nd unit, Capp was able to go for a 24 yard touchdown for their only points of the game. However, their 2 point conversion was no good. From there, both the Avengers second unit on offense and defense got better as the game went on. The game ended in a win of 78-6 for the Avengers. This is the most points that the ASA Avengers football team played in a single game in their entire program. Overall, since the first unit successfully had three touchdowns in the first quarter, they were able to give the second and third unit valuable game experience.

The ASA Avengers football team plays their next game against Delaware Gamecocks as a home game on Saturday October 20th 2018.

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