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Vassar Wins National Championship

Vassar College Women - National Fall Champions 2018! There was barely a dry eye among the Vassar squad and supporters when the final whistle was blown. The players on the touchline ran on to the field and hugged their teammates, high fives were exchanged in the stands, and Louie Brown, the men's team captain, jumped for joy in ACDC, (Gordon Commons), along with fellow students and President Bradley! The result was in the books - Vassar College Women 50 versus Winona State University 13. Vassar's first National Team Championship had been earned against the defending National Champions on the biggest stage in the Matthews Sportsplex Stadium in North Carolina. What followed had not even been considered, as a deluge text messages and e-mails from Alumnae/i, family and friends were blowing up everyone's cell phones!

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