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Nassau Stays At #1 After Defeating Rival Onondaga

Syracuse, NY) Today, the Lions took on #5 ranked Onondaga Community College on the road. The rivalry has been heated between the Lions and Lazers for years, and today was no different. In the last match up, Onondaga beat Nassau in the 2018 National Finals. Nassau went up early finishing the first quarter, 3-2. The Lions really started to take over in the second quarter going up 6-2, before going into halftime. NCC struggled in the 3rd quarter only putting up 1 point, but managed to hold the Lazers to only 1 goal, allowing them to keep their lead, 7-3. Nassau got back into the game plan in the 4th quarter and created key turnovers that the team needed to gain possession and scored 5 points. On the contrary they held Onondaga to only 1, and the Lions walked away with the win 12-4.

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