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Men's Tennis Finish 5th In The Country

n the singles matches, Nassau had Matt Musalo up first. He competed against an individual from Rowen in a two and a half hour 3 set match. Both players had long rallies and were extremely fatigued by the last few games, but Musalo had the last word and came out victorious. Jack Chen had a tough match. During his last match one of his points was argued and the two were forced to replay the point. Chen won the needed point won in 3 straight matches. Juan Jimenez blazed through his match while his opponent struggled to keep up. His win grants him a spot in the second round. Moving on to doubles, the first team was made up of Angel Lugo and Matt Musalo. The duo put on the pressure by attacking the net and taking charge of their over heads. They won in straight sets securing their spot in the next round. Second doubles consisted of Jack Chen and Juan Jimenez. The pair steam rolled their opponents hitting all the key strokes. They won handily. All individuals and doubles teams that won will continue on and play tomorrow in the second round of the NJCAA National Tennis Tournament. Head Coach Laura Gilbert commented after the days festivities, "Each athlete pushed themselves extremely hard today. I am very proud that they are channeling all of the prep we've done up to this point. Now we just need to rest before round 2 tomorrow." Day 2 (Peachtree City, GA) The Men's Tennis team laced up their sneakers for round 2 of the NJCAA Division III National Tournament on Saturday. The partly sunny skies with light breeze was the perfect setting for the second day. In the singles matches, Matt Musalo struggled to find a rhythm in his ground strokes. His opponent from Onondaga was very consistent at hitting shots with speed and pace. Musalo couldn't keep up and lost a tough battle in 6-1, 6-0. Jack Chenalso competed in the singles matches. His opponent was from Oxford Emory. Unfortunately for Chen, his opponent played it safe and watched Chen's long shots go just out of bounds. He fell 6-1, 6-1. In the doubles bracket, Musalo and Angel Lugo had a very back and forth match. They attacked the net and pressed offensively, but that wasn't enough even with Lugo's two between the leg shots. The Lions won the first game 6-4, and narrowly lost the second two 4-6, 4-6. In third doubles, Andrew Celauro and Andrew Randazzo took on opponents from Rowan. The duo lost the first match, but came back to win a close second game, 7-6. The Lions couldn't hold out any longer and lost the third and final match, 6-1.

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