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ASA Brooklyn Avengers Football Team Caps Off 2019 Regular Season With 4-Game Winning Streak

Brooklyn, NY – The ASA Brooklyn Avengers football team travelled to Delaware for the final game of the 2019 regular season to play against Wesley College JV. Although Wesley College JV is a team from a 4-year school, the Avengers were confident in going into the game as they remained undefeated on the road for the season.

Being the last game of the regular season and possibly the last time on the field together, the Avengers used this opportunity to get as many players as possible some playing time. The Avengers won the game 54-27, making them a perfect 7-0 on the road.

In the game, the Avengers had 448 yards of offense, split evenly between rushing and passing. Although Wesley College JV had over 300 yards of offense, the Avengers defense held them to just 45 yards of rushing. On offense, the Avengers leader in points was #4 Devin Dawkins with 3 touchdowns. On defense, #31 DeMaje Carter led the way with 8 tackles.

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