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NCAA modernizes some recruiting rules for a virtual world, will vote on dead period extension next w

The NCAA approved some recruiting rules changes and few notable requests on Wednesday, including one that will allow schools to spend below the minimum level on athletic scholarships required to compete in Division.

Per an NCAA release, the following will be allowed for one year:

Basketball and football student-athletes to participate in currently defined summer athletic activities without being enrolled in summer school. Schools to provide less than the currently legislated minimum financial aid requirements to maintain membership in Division I. This waiver does not provide relief from other financial aid rules, including financial aid commitments to prospective and current student-athletes or regulations related to the cancellation or reduction of financial aid. Reclassifying schools to count as Division I opponents in the first year of the reclassification process, whether or not the school meets Division I scheduling requirements. The Division I Council Coordination Committee also signed off on waiving some recruiting rules to provide more flexibility for coaches and athletes through an extended dead period because of the global health crisis that currently runs through May 31 and means recruits cannot visit colleges and vice versa. The committee will decide at its May 13 meeting whether or not it should extend the dead period through June 30.

More: Penn State’s James Franklin on a delayed football season, a season without fans at Beaver Stadium, more Other recruiting rule modifications include, per the release:

"The committee also granted waivers of recruiting rules effective May 11 to make them more flexible during the dead period the group imposed, which currently lasts through May 31. For example, any school staff member may participate on recruiting calls between a countable coach and a recruit. In normal circumstances, only coaches, and a few others in limited situations, may communicate with uncommitted prospective student-athletes via telephone or video calls.

"The committee also lifted the restriction on the number of uncommitted prospective student-athletes (and their family members) who may participate in a recruiting call with a countable coach.

"Additionally, current student-athletes may now participate in recruiting calls with coaches, as long as that time counts against the eight hours of countable athletics related activity that the committee permitted in all sports earlier this spring.

“Finally, committed prospective student-athletes may participate in virtual team activities after completion of all academic requirements for high school graduation or transfer to a Division I school. Uncommitted prospects could on one occasion observe such activities but not participate.”

It means that Penn State’s Class of 2020 signees who are not yet on campus because classes are being held online can participate in the program’s virtual activities.

Some conferences had also requested a blanket waiver on the minimum number of sports required (16) to compete in Division I, but that was denied. Schools will still be able to apply for a waiver to the sport minimum on a case-by-case basis.

Division I schools are required to offer a minimum of 200 athletic grants-in-aid per year or spend at least $4 million in grants-in-aid on athletes, and provide 90% of the permissible maximum grants-in-aid in football over a rolling two-year period.

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